Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lotus Evora C3387

No video yet for this model, am working on it.I have had time to take it for a run though.
Put through its paces on table 8. Anderstorp.
It appears to have very little grip and likes to push out on the back end resulting in de-slotting especially though inner radius 3 corners. I thought this might be a magnet issue so cracked it open to discover it has the thinner of the magnets inside. Though there is a second magnet bay behind the motor for you to move this magnet to. Attempting to do this I had a hell of a job removing the magnet, being a thin magnet I was more worried about snapping the magnet than the car, so was being careful and I still managed to crack the underpan along the magnet bay. It would appear the plastic here is very thin, and while the make up of the whole underpan is very rigid compared to a lot of the cars out there this point is rather flimsy and brittle.
I got he magnet out though without to much damage. Removed the motor and the back axle in order to get at  the slot, and the rear light PCB came away with out any force as it had not been glued into place.
Had to use a bit of brute force to get the magnet back in though.
Car rebuilt and back on the track, it increased its speed due to the increased down force of the rear axle from the thin magnet in place, but still likes to slide out on the radius 3 corners. 
So is this how the car is going to be? Wider corners causing the back end to slide out and the car to roll over?
With this all in mind as I set up to do my Video review in the coming days and how I like to run my cars as the came out of the box I shall be putting the magnet back, placing it on the shelf and waiting for the camera man to arrive. I will be doing 2 videos with this car, one showing the magnet in its original place and one with it at the back. I'll also add them under here with more thoughts once I have them done. 

Out the box thoughts.
Nice looking car, like the black like decals and design.

Plastic feels a lot stiffer than what I have seen before.

All the weights to the rear of the car.

Pretty quick in a straight line. 

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