Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ford RS200 Review

There is a video review for this car.
Since this video was made we have been running these cars on the Catalunya lay out. (Table 3)
I still like this car, its back end twitches a bit through corners and is a little harder to handle than the 6R4.
This is not my issue, it has been on the table for two weeks now and I have had to rewire them all at least once.

Now this would not normally be a problem and now I have adjusted the wires it appears to be holding on better.

The fact I had to do it is annoying. The wiring curls up between the digital plug and under the lights putting tension onto the point of join, this never used to be a problem when the wires went directly into the pick up. Now though the pick up has a thin solid strip running out which is connected to the suppressor as digital cars should have two suppressors in them, one for the track and one for the motor. This stops the digital chip being fried by the electro magnetic interference.

It does mean though that there is less room for movement with the wiring internally between pick up and plug. Then having the cable either crammed under the lighting board and the axle causes the cable to not freely move, though centring the guide blade  out of turns it does mean that the wires are being strained and then they break. Which means the car stops running altogether.

Of course on a home circuit you will probably not be putting these cars through the long sessions that happen here. So this might never happen, but if you do the first thing I would suggest is carefully removing the wiring and putting it above the lighting board, I do mean carefully I managed to break the holding point for the lights on one car attempting to do this, car runs fine but it is still a shame it snapped so easily.

Bah this minor technical issue the car is a good looking model, it is a little tail happy but all in all a good Group B rally car.

Scalextric Racing Review Blog

As I don't always get time to video new cars before they sell out, plus as some of the cars I review are no longer in production I decided to do a written blog as well.

This will cover cars, track, repairs, and other things with in the Scalextric product range.