Thursday, 30 March 2017

Table 6 is retired. Welcome Table 6.

We've been quiet since the rebuild after the flood some 8 months ago.
Been a lot going on in here though. 
As this is the first rebuild week of 2017, thought I should run you through what we have been up to.

We have recoloured all the lanes, no lane has the old colour and no colour has the same series lane as before, but each lane is still equal across all the tables. 

We retired Sao Paulo table 6 after it being with us for 6 years and replaced it with Bakersville, which is a fast flowing table which we expect to see big scores on. (Video will be at the bottom)

An generally cleaned all the tracks up and made sure all the connections are tight ready for the Easter Racing to begin. 

As the Formula 1, BTCC, Formula E and BSB, are all now starting to roll once more it's never been a a better time to come and try your own hand at racing around these replica layouts and finding out about the Hobby of slot car racing. 

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